Liberty Ridge Advisors provides merger and acquisition advisory services for privately held businesses. Capitalizing on nearly 30 years of combined experience between the principals, Liberty Ridge Advisors employs disciplined, results-driven processes to maximize options and value, while ensuring confidentiality for our clients.


The Work We Do


Sell-Side Advisory Services

Liberty Ridge identifies and negotiates with prospective strategic or financial partners so clients achieve maximum value in the sale or merger of their business. We target, meet, and work with potential buyers to create a market of viable partners that align with our clients’ culture and legacy. Our intimate knowledge of buyer landscapes, including substantial exposure to private equity and international organizations, and analytical expertise, enable us to provide unique insight to these conversations. We utilize proprietary processes built to ensure confidentiality every step of the way.

Buy-Side Advisory Services

Liberty Ridge represents business owners and stakeholders who are seeking to acquire another firm or operating division. Whether acquiring market share, broadening product offerings, geographic and distribution channel expansion, or revenue diversification, the team at Liberty Ridge has the experience and insight to meet a variety of strategic goals for buy-side engagements.


The restructuring of capital interests within an organization is no small feat; however, through disciplined proprietary processes, Liberty Ridge Advisors will secure the right funding sources to assist clients in meeting their recapitalization goals. We operate within a far-reaching network of private equity, family offices, and other financial groups, which allow us to pinpoint the ideal financial partner that is both qualified, and well-aligned with the business’s management philosophies and culture.


Corporate Divestitures

When it comes to corporate divestiture, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We help our clients evaluate many options for divesting either under-performing or non-core business units. This includes sourcing potential financial or strategic acquisition partners. We understand that time, certainty of close, and value are all crucial to a successful divestiture. As a strategic partner, Liberty Ridge Advisors will help you find the optimal divestiture strategy in a timely, efficient manner.


Valuation and Discovery

Liberty Ridge Advisors assists our clients in developing an in-depth understanding of their business from an investor's perspective. Through detailed research, analysis, and reporting, we provide clients with a market-based valuation and strategic assessment of their business. Additionally, we provide a roadmap to identify key strategies for maximizing value while expanding the pool of buyers. Our process involves evaluating the optimal timing for a transaction based on the company performance, market factors, and availability of capital.